What is there to do at Morris Medley?

~Enjoy the frogs, ducks and tiny fish at the pond.
-Photograph flowers, butterflies and large vistas of landscaping.
-Sit under a tree and have lunch.
~Find a hidden oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle.
~Come with your Bible Study group and walk the labyrinth.
~Come alone to refresh your soul.

Morris Medley has been my family homestead for over 70 years and has always been a place where friends and strangers were welcomed with warm, open arms.  When my parents and brother and I moved here from the city, the house was sitting in the middle of open fields with only two very old maples and one locust tree at the house. My inspiration comes from my parents, Jack and Mildred Morris whose love, faith, landscaping talents and hard work transformed a farmhouse with minimal electric and no indoor plumbing, surrounded by seven acres of weeds and corn, into a peaceful and serene home with a pond and many gardens, shrubs and trees.

By example they taught my brother, John, and me to be  grateful for our many blessings and to be good stewards of this land God had entrusted to us.  

My addition to Morris Medley is the Labyrinth which we completed in 2006 and is open for all to come, walk, and possibly experience the merging of the physical and spiritual body through walking meditation.

In 2008 we built a Butterfly House which adds another dimension for meditation as well as education for all ages.

We ask that children be supervised at all times and your visit be used as a time to teach them about nature, sharing, respect of others property and a reminder that they are guests at someone’s home.

Morris Medley