Morris Medley

‚ÄčButterfly house

After the snow collapsed the frame of the Butterfly House in the spring of 2010, it took until fall for us to be able to construct a new frame and cover. Then in 2013, straight line winds dropped a locust tree right dead center on top of it!

We are looking forward to an exciting season with the butterflies. The Monarchs are raised from eggs I retrieve from our property and nourish on milkweed, so it will be later in the summer until Monarchs are in abundance. In 2015 the Monarchs did not arrive until August and the numbers are declining. I participate in Monarch Watch.

The black swallowtails emerge from their chrysalis in late spring after after winter hibernation. If you notice a chrysalis in the Butterfly House it is important to not touch it.  Thank you.

August-September is the most active time for Monarch butterflies in the House.